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About Us

Kooshkan Transformers Company, subset of the larger group of Iran Transfo with the aim of producing distribution
transformers with high efficiency transformers its activities as a manufacturer of single-phase and three-phase
transformer oil since 1383 has begun

This company raised benefiting from successful experiences transformer manufacturers in the world and having
modern machinery, production methods and new technology and high quality raw materials, distribution
transformers with the following technical specifications produce.

 - Rated power: 25 to 4000 kVA
 - Voltage level up to 36 kVA

We have a variety of low-loss transformers in the two types of expansion tank and hermetic (without expansion)
are produced.
This company is also able to design and produce special transformers land as transformers, compact, single-phase,
two voltage transformers and other special requirements. Company annual production capacity of 18,000 is 5,000

Design of Transformers, along with the world's top manufacturers such as coke on the latest version of
international standards as well as standards and other relevant requirements TAVANIR done based on customer

Quality products based on the international quality management standard will be guaranteed and the organization
receiving two sets of quality system standard has been completed.