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The company's design and engineering using software based on internal be more three-dimensional in order to adapt
Production and product design to manufacture and offer optimum quality, high efficiency, long life done in the end.
For this purpose engineering design using technical documentation available under license from Western Europe and provide necessary training to be able to a large spectrum of customer needs up to 5000 kVA and voltage 36 kV meet

Transformers technical design and technical specifications on the basis of information provided by the customer or
distribution networks within the country on the basis of common standards with a view to reducing casualties and
load times, lower noise levels, increase efficiency and extend the life of transformers is done.

Our specialists using the latest software, to analyze and optimize the design of our confidence and trust of
customers to pay to raise the plant's products.
     -     Transformer design and technical specifications according to customer
     -     Designed by prestigious international and national standards, including
     -     Designed with the purpose to decrease the load and load losses, reduced noise levels, increase efficiency, extend the life of transformers
     -     Analysis and design optimization using the latest software version
     -     Core design with overlapping few steps
     -     Low-voltage coil design for foil