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Test Transformers
Perform all routine, type and special tests in accordance with the standards IEC60076 and other standards to
Fully automatic testing with high precision and no need to change the transformer intake
Reporting test results automatically
Periodic calibration of laboratory equipment
Routine tests:
     -     Check assay test ratio and vector group
     -     Tests measuring the ohmic resistance of windings
     -     Tests measuring the flow rate and load losses
     -     Assay test load losses and short circuit voltage percentage
     -     Test applied voltage (coil insulation strength relative to each other and to the body and core)
     -     Induced voltage test (endurance insulation between the phases and loop coil relative to each other)

Typing test :
     -     Thermal testing
     -     Impact Test
     -     Sound Level Test

Special tests :
     -     The real the short circuit withstand
     -     Measurement of the actual current harmonics
     -     Determination of capacitance and tangent delta
     -     Zero sequence impedance measurement
     -     Measurement of insulation resistance