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Low voltage windings are using copper foil or wire is flat with isolated pink paper. In Reel foil with DD as isolated
use of insulation between the layers (according to the mosaics covering the epoxy resin that is melted during firing)

Reel rigid, integrated and high resistance to forces due to short-circuit them.

Foil and lack of coherence gap in the axial direction of the coil main cause high mechanical resistance against
compression and axial forces is due to short circuit.

The most important is adorned with this type of coil and foil systems using screws This is done automatically. High
tension coil using round wire, flat wire enameled or by isolating the form of a layer or plate wrapped in paper .
Split-voltage controllers by automatically when coil winding machines, all fixed and separated. Section of insulation
to protect against sudden voltage is achieved using a class insulation material in permanent job, the maximum
temperature of 105 ° C to withstand. Without the life of the insulation is reduced.